Inside the Book...
The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah

Inside the Book... The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah

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Bestseller! Turn Your Book into a Bestseller in Less than Six Hours
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Bestseller! Turn Your Book into a Bestseller in Less than Six Hours

Secrets to Getting Top TV Show Producers to Book You as Their Guest
This ebook teaches you the secrets to help you make the cut

Secrets to Getting Top TV Show Producers to Book You as Their Guest

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah: Super Training Kit FAQ

1. Should I get the Super training kit or just the training kit?

Super Training KitWe recommend getting the Super Training Kit. We found that people who got just the training kit got calls from Oprah’s producers but didn’t pass the phone audition. Others didn’t grasp how to write a pitch letter that got the producers instant attention. In the NEW Super Kit we’ve included plenty of examples of pitch letters and more stories about how ordinary people like you got on the show. We think that this information is essential to helping you understand and master the process.

OK, I'll get the Super kit.

No thanks Susan, I'll get the $147 kit only.

2. Can you guarantee that I'll get on Oprah if I buy The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah?

There are no guarantees, as it depends on you and how good you, and your pitch, and your product or service are. In “The Ultimate Guide” Susan tells you how to approach the producers and package yourself in a way that is appropriate for the Oprah show. After reading it you understand what's involved and how to take the steps that insure your success. The rest is up to you.

3. If I send or email Susan my story, package, or information will she pass it on to Oprah for me?

No. Please go to Oprah's site to submit your story.

4. Should I buy The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah: Super Training Kit if I want to get on other top TV talk shows like the View, Good Morning America, Montel etc.?

Yes. Susan discusses the principles that you need to know before trying to get on any top TV talk show. She takes you through all the steps you need to know to get ready to pitch, call, or contact the producers of shows of that caliber. She gears her material to the Oprah show as that is the show that most people aspire to.

5. I have an incredible story I want to share, a non-profit or charity that can benefit millions of people, a business that helps women in a special way, should I buy the Super Kit?

Yes. “The Ultimate Guide” Super Kit will help you create a segment or idea and educate you on how the system works to get your ideas heard and your important work known.

6. I need help from Oprah or am in a desperate situation, should I buy this E-book?

No. “The Ultimate Guide” is designed for skilled professionals who want to grow their business and/or sell their books, products, service or cause, and understand that the Oprah show has the reach and prestige they are looking for. Most have experience with the media already, and have an already profitable and respected business and want to go to the next level.

7. Once I get on Oprah do you guarantee that my life will change, I'll make tons of money and become famous?

No. Sometimes getting on Oprah has great effect on someone's life and career and other times it does little for fame or fortune. So much depends on you and how you are positioned and how well you do on the air in a highly pressure-driven atmosphere. But either way you can say that you were on Oprah! There's a lot to be said for that.

8. I've sent my story into Oprah and no one has responded. Should I keep sending it?

Susan recommends that you follow the guidelines in “The Ultimate Guide” for submitting a pitch. A well-crafted pitch that is suited to Oprah's show may get a response if it reaches the right producer at the right time and if you are the right person for the show. If it doesn't, Susan shares techniques to help you work on your idea until it does.

9. Where can I get a list of the direct phone numbers of the producers?

There only one place that lists 19 out of the 33 numbers: In “The Ultimate Guide” Susan provides a list of all the current producers' names and titles and the main number for the show. You can call and leave a voice message for the appropriate producer.

10. Can Susan give me the name and phone number of the specific producer I can call?


11. Will Susan review my website and help me write a pitch or make recommendations on how I can get the attention of the producers?

No. Susan has put in all the information she has in “The Ultimate Guide” Super Kit to help you get on the Oprah Show. In paid personal consultations Susan would help you create the right angle or show segment. She doesn't call or pitch producers directly. Her consultations begin at $2000. To be considered as a client, click here.

12. I don't have any money. Can Susan consult with me for free?

Susan does Pro Bono work for many socially responsible causes. Her pro bono schedule is full and she can't take on any clients at this time. There are plenty of free articles and audio downloads on her site that you can have at no cost. Please explore and utilize all the resources that Susan has made available for no cost.

13. Will Susan respond to my email questions about The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah and/or help me?

Susan gets hundreds of emails a day and can no longer respond personally to those requests. She has done her best to answer all your questions in this Super Kit or on her website where there is a vast amount of information. We suggest you sign up for her newsletter or other free resources she offers by going to

14. Can I call or email Susan's assistant Kelly to get her help, or to ask questions I have about the information in the E-book?

Kelly also gets more email than one human person can answer in a day. Therefore we ask that you read The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah E-book and all the materials in the Super Kit thoroughly as most of the answers to your questions are right there inside. To support your process we've anticipated many of your questions and have tried to answer them in follow-up emails. You'll begin receiving these follow-up email tips to help you become a guest on Oprah a few weeks after you've bought the E-book. Enjoy.

15. What if I've been called by Oprah's producers but didn't get on the show?

That means you didn't pass the audition. The producers probably found someone else who was better suited for their show. It could mean that you weren't good enough to be on national TV as the producers want guests who are natural, fascinating, and media ready. They want guests who can speak in 10-20 second sound bites and who know their material like the back of their hand.

In the Super Kit Susan has included products that teach you how to pass the TV producer's audition (their call to you), Secrets to Get Top TV Talk Show Producers to Book You as Their Guest, take her Sound Bite System for Success™ CD series and online class. You can also hire her for private media training. Note: you must have a budget of at least $2000 to begin private media coaching consultations with Susan.

16. I’ve never been on local and/or national TV before—what do I need to know before going on Oprah?

You are an ideal candidate for The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah: Super Training Kit as Susan outlines EXACTLY what you need to know and do to prepare to be on national TV and Oprah.

17. What if my computer doesn’t have the ability to download PDF files?

All computers have this ability if configured correctly. Once you’ve purchased the E-book we give you the links to download Adobe Acrobat so if you don’t have the program on your computer already you can get it easily for free.

18. I’ve ordered The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah E-book but didn’t have time to download it and now I can’t access it. What happened?

For security purposes you have 24 hours to download the PDF file. Once that time is up you no longer have access to it.

Once you’ve purchased the E-book we suggest you download it right away. You can begin reading it whenever you choose. If the 24 hours has already passed send an email to: and Kelly will send you the PDF file during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, when she has an opening in her schedule.

19. What if I find that it’s just too much work to get on Oprah right now?

That’s O.K. You still have a chance of getting on the show in the future if you follow all of Susan’s advice and you have quality material and ideas. You can start to build your platform (your following) and get in the media so you can become more well-known now by clicking here. And in a few years you may be ready to get on the number one talk show in America. The important thing is not to give up and keep doing good work in the world. We’re cheering you on!

OK Susan, now that I've read the FAQ, I get it.

Give me The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah: Super Training Kit


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