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Sixty Second Secrets by Susan Harrow Sell yourself without selling your soul

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Dear Friends,

I've been thinking a lot about how ordinary people accomplish great things. What is it about them? I know a number of super talented people who have a notion of what they might apply themselves to, but who don't do what it takes to meet their goals. Yet other people who are less talented but more tenacious have the passion and commitment to move forward no matter what.

Remember Mark C. Davis, XbigMan who lost over 150 lbs who I profiled in newsletter #18 in the article titled, USE *THE ROCK BAND* STRATEGY FOR GETTING CONSISTENT PUBLICITY? If not, you can refresh your memory at

I'm not saying he isn't among the super talented, but one thing I know for sure is that he is wildly tenacious! And that's a quality that anyone can embody -- no matter what his/her ability.

Since Mark was spotlighted in Men's Health magazine and on KGO's channel seven news with Dr. Dean Edell, his PR has taken off! He's a great example of a "regular guy/girl" just like you who has taken responsibility for his own fame, health and wealth. In the following story you'll get a *behind the scenes* look at Mark's experience as he was featured on the national NBC broadcast of The Escape from Alcatraz triathlon which aired Sunday June 24.

Understanding how Network TV works behind the scenes helps you lessen your anxiety about your show appearance because you know what to expect. Secondly, it helps you comprehend what producers want and how to give it to them.

Many people think that just because getting on a show will change their lives. That's a big myth. Getting on a show is just the beginning. What you *do* and *say* on the show is what brings in the business. That's why I focus more on the aspect of developing your presence and your message in this newsletter than on getting publicity. Many other newsletters focus on that more fully and I encourage you to subscribe to them.

Of course it goes without saying that it's important to carry your message through in all your press materials. Once you can convey your ideas clearly and concisely -- and tie into a hot news angle -- the media will take notice. Mark planned his stories ahead of time, and set the foundation for the calls he planned to receive from the public, so he could maximize his exposure. He is reaping his rewards. Read on for his success story.

Thanks. Enjoy.



P.S. I'm beginning to take my own advice (sometimes a very hard thing to do) on promoting my newsletter. One thing that I always advise my clients is to ask others for help, because most people really want to help you and don't know exactly what they can do.

So here goes: If you appreciate the advice and tips you receive here, I'd be grateful if you would send this newsletter along to 10 other people that you think it could benefit. Take a look at your address book, select 10 people and then, poof! hit the send button.

Equally as excellent, if you publish a newsletter put in a good word about this one and send your subscribers to

If you don't know what to say you can use this:

Have you always wanted to get on radio, TV or in the news? For those of you who want to promote yourself with integrity and honor without sacrificing your principles one little bit, sign up for media coach & marketing expert Susan Harrow's fantastic newsletter today. Called "Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul®: 60 Second Secrets," this gem is packed with tips on everything from making money with your ezine to getting on Oprah. I read this one regularly. You'll want to as well. Don't miss out on the next issue. Get it now at:

I believe that the best ways to promote yourself/your business/your products is through word of mouth. So if you feel moved, put that electronic mouth in motion.


"The Escape production crew interviewed me the afternoon of Friday June 8 at the Bay Club and shot some "B-roll" footage of me training clients. The actual race was on Sunday June 10 with an approximate start time of 8 am. I finished by 12 noon.

*SUSAN'S NOTE: "B-roll" means background shots to be used when the story is edited to illustrate the commentary and give "backstory" to bring the audience quickly up to speed to the present on-screen story.*

1. Make Sure Your Story Has "Human Interest"

To my shock and surprise, there were only two "human interest" stories, thus I had a better chance of getting more air time. Contrary to prior broadcasts, they followed me through the whole course with interview questions!!! (This is after spending 3 hours with them on Friday before the race).

*SUSAN'S NOTE: Any kind of dramatic visible change is ripe for TV coverage. Change that can be seen instantly (in this instance going from fat to fit) is easily understood visually. And it's a success story anyone who has battled even a few pounds is interested in).*

2. Bring Or Wear Your Props

Also, at the finish line they took an extreme close-up of the wording I had plastered all over my T-Shirt. I then said: 'Let me explain what this website is all about,' and told the signature story of my own weight loss.

*SUSAN'S NOTE: Very smart move. Wearing a curiosity provoking prop gives a natural segue to talking about the points you want to cover.*

3. Always Video And Audio Tape Your TV Appearances And Speaking Engagements

The day after the race, I got an urgent call from the New York TV producers. I had mentioned that I do motivational speaking during the interview. Did I have anything on tape? I did a 40 minute keynote pep talk to a rookie triathlon group the night before the Friday interviews and taped it anticipating such a request. However I did not feel it was my best effort as I was stressed and tired from all of the race/media/baby walking duties. I told the producer this and the exact reply was: 'Don't worry Mark, we will only make you look great!'

*SUSAN'S NOTE: Other producers want to see how you and your stories translate on TV. They are looking for raw talent, not someone slick and polished. In fact, they want someone just the opposite--someone who has verve and speaks spontaneously in a way that anyone can understand.

By the way, one of the complaints about the last group of contestants on the hit show "Survivor," was that they were "too media savvy" which really meant too careful and guarded. That is not to say you shouldn't practice your sound bites and know your message, it means that you need to preserve your own honest emotions and expressions. Be genuine.

An Aside: Another reason to tape all your appearances and speaking engagements is if your audio/video tapes are good enough you can later sell them as products on your website, and at your next speaking engagement.*

4. Act In A Heartfelt Way And You Will Be Automatically Compelling

As for the race itself, I got very sick throughout the course and struggled. This added to the drama: Will Mark be able to finish? I did finish strong and did a Lance Armstrong (The cyclist who recovered from cancer and competed in the 2000 Tour de France). When I was being interviewed by NBC at the finish line I ran over and kissed and hugged my wife and took Sterling (my daughter) and held her up and kissed her and said: 'This is my real reward' and 'My dad was an Ironman for me and now I hope to be an Ironman for my daughter.' Of course, I was operating on heartfelt emotion throughout the interviews. I would have done what I did camera or no camera. However, it made for a great scene and sound bite and I got to close out the show.

*SUSAN'S NOTE: Adversity creates tension and drama. In addition, the audience connected to Mark because they all understand what it's like to do something for a loved one -- especially a small child. A heartfelt message with strong emotion increases your chance of extra media coverage.*

5. Embrace The Opportunities That Present Themselves

A woman from Los Angeles who saw me on NBC is flying herself and her sister up to San Francisco to train with me. These sessions will pay for a good portion of the website. Other people from around the country are contacting me about e-training (which I may or may not do). A guy from a video production company saw me and we are talking about a video.

*SUSAN'S NOTE: All kinds of things can happen that you could never predict when you begin to do publicity. That's part of the richness that makes PR so exciting E-training for working out? Who would have thought?*
6. Prepare To Make The Most Of The Results Of Publicity

Before the show I rushed to get a website up that offers a subscribe/unsubscribe to my "Weekly Enlightenment" e-zine and archives. I plan on using this to market my book and provide media information. My project manager tells me that 22% of visitors to my site opt to subscribe. A high benchmark "opt in" subscribe rate is 4%. No one has unsubscribed. As a matter of fact my e-zine encourages people to forward the e-zine and subscribe others. The word of mouth and the speed of the Internet will spread my message faster than the sound of a mouse-click. The best part is this site will be ready for when I do Hawaii Ironman, Oprah and Cristina (the Spanish language equivalent of Oprah. I am very fluent in Spanish and my Univision contact is working on this, after I provided the idea!).

*SUSAN'S NOTE: Make sure you've tested everything on your site thoroughly so it can handle a rush of visitors without crashing. You don't want to lose all the connections you can make from your publicity because of some technical snafu.*

7. Do Anything You Can To Help The Producers Do A Great Show

All told, I ended up with a few seconds shy of 4 minutes of NBC national airtime, more than anybody on the show including the winners of the race and NFL quarterback Doug 'I can't swim' Flutie (the media people told me he wasn't being as cooperative as they would like; I probably looked like a saint compared to him and I am sure that helped). More people will continue to see the broadcast through videotape. And I now have a professionally produced, very compelling story about me that I can send to many other PR outlets. I have already contacted NBC about permission to use the video on my website.

*SUSAN'S NOTE: It goes without saying that you will be gracious and accommodating. Volunteer to do anything extra you can to help out and you will be remembered. Then send out that video tape ASAP to the shows you want to be on next -- and remember to present a new and different angle. Every producer wants his show to be the first of its kind, not a copycat of a competitor's.*

8. Work All The Angles

I am already anticipating my next steps: getting sponsors, leveraging the tape to get into Hawaii Ironman (even bigger TV audience) and of course Oprah. By that time I will have a book ready.

I am very confident this will all happen! It has taken me 5 years but all of the Toastmasters training (I co-founded a Bay Club chapter with Patricia Fripp), the classes such as yours, and the never say die attitude are paying off. It is like striking oil...long time drilling and then suddenly a gusher!

To subscribe to Mark's newsletter put "subscribe" in the subject line and Mark C. Davis (415) 901-9354 ,

*SUSAN'S NOTE: I couldn't have said it better myself. Wishing you all a Yosemite sized gusher.*


My website team and I are diligently working at establishing my e-commerce site. Everyone says it's so simple -- but there are many details that take a great deal of thoughtfulness. I've been frustrated on many entrepreneurs' sites and don't want you to have the urge rent your hair from your head like I have. We're setting a strong foundation so we can experience all the glitches instead of you. I'll keep you posted.

Here's a tip from Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound.

Media Lead

Ellen's Home, a new syndicated radio show, has an audience of about 750,000, primarily in the Midwest. Reviewer Noreen Thomas wants to hear from authors who can discuss parenting, gardening, home-based business issues, nutrition and health. She is also interested in children's books. The show is pre-recorded and only three minutes long, but links can be added to the author's web page. Send one book and PR materials to Noreen Thomas, 12506 20th Street N., Moorhead, MN 56560. Send another book and PR materials to Hamilton Productions, 4314 N. Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64116. You can reach Noreen via e-mail at

If you like Joan's tips, please pass them on to your friends, clients and colleagues. If you REALLY like them, subscribe to The Publicity Hound, Joan's 8-page print newsletter published six times a year.

It's one of the few hard-copy newsletters I subscribe to. I read it cover to cover the instant I get it as it always has new contacts (not in the typical database you buy) and lists useful websites.

Check out the FREE sample from her home page at

Call 262-284-7451 to subscribe, or send a check for $49.95 (inside the U.S.) or $59.95 (outside the U.S.) to The Publicity Hound, 3930 Highway O, Saukville, WI 53080. Or pay by credit card at her web site at

To subscribe to The Publicity Hound Tips of the Week, visit and receive free by autoresponder the handy list "89 Reasons to Send a News Release."


Cathy Goodwin, PhD, is a career coach who works with people experiencing transitions, such as relocating, returning to school, and exploring new career paths. She helps clients win freedom, self-knowledge and success as they learn and grow from life change. If you are truly ready to move, she can help you develop an action plan, identify resources and stay on track.

This summer a limited number of gift certificates are available, good for one month of free coaching, valued at $300. Visit Cathy's website or to learn more.

If you've been wondering what all the bruhaha is about coaching don't pass up this opportunity to experience it first hand from Cathy. You can always focus on moving your PR plan forward. (I couldn't help but mention that.)


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Freelance writers scored a major victory today when the Supreme Court of the United States ruled publishers who reproduce their articles in electronic databases, without payment or permission, violated copyright law.

More about his continuing important issue for anyone today writing for print or online publications (in other words, all of you):

U.S. Supreme Court ruling (in favor of freelance writers) to control the decision to allow the work they sell to print publications to be republished in electronic form. The Copyright raises some fascinating digital content questions. Read more about how this could effect you in the near future.

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