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Sixty Second Secrets by Susan Harrow Sell yourself without selling your soul

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Dear Friends,

Last month's newsletter really struck a chord. I wrote about responding to requests to do business with reporters, producers and other business people in a timely, efficient and graceful manner. I got an avalanche of replies from people telling me how they had dropped clients who weren't responsive, honored requests from clients who were, and created solid relationships with the media by being attentive to their needs.

A close friend mentioned to me that he thought my tone was "over the top." One of my past clients called the newsletter "a little tirade." I thought about toning it down before I sent it, but decided not to. Why?

Because strong emotions elicit reactions.

That's what producers and editors are looking for to make a great show or article. Strong emotion. Strong emotion polarizes people. Disagreements ensue. Shouting happens. People cry and laugh. All of this makes for excitement. When people get excited ratings and circulation climb. If you're looking to get on a TV or radio show, or to get your press release noticed in print publications, give your subject emotional zing. Make people want to throw something at you, or pitch a little fit of their own, and you'll find yourself the media darling of the moment.

In the following story Toronto Star columnist and lifelong Catholic Kathy Shaidle, whose website tweaks confining religious and spiritual notions, talks about how she's been gathering steam to publicize her site. Shaidle's irreverent commentary spares no one. She dispenses her thoughts on everything from renting a married priest to buying enlightenment. What better way to provoke controversy than to challenge the sacred cow of people's spiritual and religious beliefs? Visit Kathy's site and see for yourself what makes for good arguing.

To provocation, controversy and emotional zing!




Where the religious rubber meets the pop culture road

That's the motto at, my daily weblog of faith & culture news. On March 27, 2001, my site was singled out for praise by the Site-A-Day newsletter.

1. Send out a press release about your good press to your niche market

I IMMEDIATELY sent out a short, punchy email press release (quoting Site-A-Day's rave review) to my list of religion editors (in print and online), book reviewers (I'm also an award-winning author) and other Best of the Web sites.

MY NOTE: Read it yourself at:

The day the brief piece about RelapsedCatholic ran in the Ottawa Citizen, I logged my busiest single day ever, with more than 300 hits. I was recently interviewed by the Catholic Register, too, and expect a similar spike when that piece runs next week. RelapsedCatholic was also singled out for special mention in recent articles about blogging, in both Internet Business Forum and E-Zine Tips.

MY NOTE: Notice Kathy sent her press release to a VERY targeted market (religion editors) that she had previously contacted. Often times you must contact an editor a number of times with different ideas before he/she will write about you.

2. Email thank you notes and begin a correspondence with journalists

I gained some valuable new relationships and helped cement established ones. I've been asked to write and speak on subjects related to religion and pop culture. I feel this kind of exposure increases my visibility and credibility with the press. Sending thank you emails after even a small mention has sparked continuing correspondence with some writers and editors. I may be better able to pitch other stories to them in the future. I recently got a fan email from the man who runs the weblog, considered the best of its/our genre. He says he checks out RelapsedCatholic every day now.

MY NOTE: Thanking someone sincerely opens lines of communication.

3. Write press releases that can be printed verbatim

Best of all, the Ottawa Citizen printed my press release, practically word-for-word, in their Sunday color section. RelapsedCatholic's hits that day were higher than they were for the whole first month I was online!

MY NOTE: Write your press releases in the same format journalists use to write their pieces and you'll stand a better chance they'll use your words instead of struggling to capture your ideas by paraphrasing -- which can lead to a different interpretation than you intended.

4. Network with the press at your speaking engagements

I was asked to sit on a Periodical Association of Canada panel, Writing about Religion for the Secular Press. I'll also be signing books at the upcoming BookExpo Canada. Networking after the panel discussion led to new friendships with other writers/editors. And again, a spike in page views. Hits to the webpage have remained fairly high, increasing four-fold since the site's inception in November 2000. My logs show an increasing number of regular return visitors since the press release went out. Hits went from about 300/month in November to more than 2000 in April, and have remained steady since. I anticipate May's hits will be about the same due to upcoming story in Catholic Register, and continued mention in the by-line of my Toronto Star column.

MY NOTE: Writers and editors are more likely to listen to you once you've spoken on a panel (or at a keynote or workshop). You've established yourself as an expert -- someone who has expertise and is worth speaking with.

5. Continue sharing your news with the right targeted media

MY NOTE: Once you get the publicity ball rolling, keep it in motion by following any leads that could bring you more readers, recognition and sales.

Kathy sent me her story and now has opened another avenue to more publicity for her one mention. Excellent work, Kathy! Kathy Shaidle, writer-at-large

Do you want to create a web site for your business but don't have a clue about where to start? Does the thought of hiring someone to do it for you intimidate you right into procrastination? Creating a web site for your business can be easier than you think -- if you know where to begin. Designer Susan Pomeroy's "Seven Steps to a Spectacular Website" demystifies the web site creation process from start to finish; from the gleam-in-your-eye dream to successfully attracting traffic.

One of my clients used Susan's article as her bible and then emailed it to all her friends. She especially liked the envision step. Even if you've already got a website you'll want to read this insightful article "Seven Steps to a Spectacular Website" at

Dan Janal, author of "Dan Janal's Guide to Marketing on the Internet" took me up on my offer to reprint part of one of my newsletters in a course he's creating for the American Management Association. You can too. Here's how...

Just use the verbiage:

Reprinted with permission from Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul®: 60 Second Secrets, a free monthly marketing and publicity e-zine that gives you tips, techniques and secrets to sell yourself, your business, book, product, service or cause with integrity and spirit. Get it FREE today at

You're free to use as much or as little of any of my newsletters as you please.

Get your free subscription to Dan's informative newsletter by sending a blank email to Dan keeps you up on all the latest goings on in the Internet marketing industry. He shares his insights in mini-course lessons on what works and what doesn't. You'll get a FREE education!

For those of you who could use a dose of money-talk every week to keep you pointed in the direction of prosperity bestselling author Jennifer Basye Sander sends out a terrific email newsletter called "Women's Wealth and Wisdom." A few weeks ago she sent out a great one about what we can all learn from about Martha Stewart's amazing business success. You can check it out on the front page of her motivational money site I read this one regularly.

Another newsletter I subscribe to that's a quick and easy read is List-Universe (, a free daily email newsletter keeping you up to date with the Network, and featuring tips, news, and resources for email list owners and ezine publishers. To subscribe,

For a complete list of newspapers.

Becoming familiar with newspaper content and style before you pitch them will increase your chances of getting press.

Want to host your own internet talk show? Check out which offers hosting opportunities for live radio programs. Hosts can find a sponsor or pay $200 per show for a minimum of 13 shows. I was told the company will seek advertisers once an audience reaches 5000 or more. Currently I'm trying to learn: (a) Whether Internet radio will play a strong role in future. (b) Whether there is indeed a trend for hosts to pay their own way on the air.

This tip is from: Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., "The Moving Lady" is an author, coach and consultant who helps people turn career change and relocation stress into creative life transitions. Read her story at Contact her at.

Services I Highly Recommend

Many people ask me about the services I use and trust. The businesses below are a few of my partners or companies that provide services and products that I rely on that truly work.

I recommend them without pause and am an affiliate. Please explore them to find out if they are right for you.

Get Your Content Up on Kindle in 90 Minutes Guaranteed FREE Webinar Replay

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Experts Academy Elite Training:

This course was sold out as soon as it was offered. You've heard me talk about him when I attended his Sponsorship seminar...Brendan Burchard is an extraordinary teacher. You'll learn how to be a top expert no matter what field you're in. Even if you missed this you can still get free training and you'll be notified when the next live or online seminar is available.

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5 Simple Secrets to 6-Figure Teleseminars:

How to Make Big Money Fast Doing What You Love FREE Replay Tired of being the best kept secret in your industry? No more. There is a system that Lisa Sasevich has perfected that shows you how to lead a teleclass in an authentic and non-salesy way that converts the right people to buy. Clients who have used her system have reported increasing their sales by 66%. Others filled their courses to capacity. Many of them just listened to the Free. info. and reported dramatic results.

Get FREE Publicity Media Leads:

It's often not easy to get major media coverage - especially if you can't hire a top PR firm to pitch you to the media. The absolute best time to get publicity is when a journalist or producer has already decided they're doing a story on your subject and is actively seeking people like you to interview. You can easily find out when the media needs somebody with your expertise when you join Reporter Connection.

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Need a Literary Agent?

Yes, most likely if you want your book published by a major publisher. Go here for the audio, video and transcript of a panel discussion Steve Harrison conducted with four top literary agents on what it takes to land an agent, get a major publishing deal and more.

The Ultimate Client Magnet:

Do you want a book that will attract clients and generate multiple income streams for you? Here is a superb, free mini-course that will show you how to write and publish this caliber of book in as few as 90 days. It's just 15 daily, short (free) lessons. Publishing and marketing guru John Eggen's proven system works in up and down economies. I recommend it. Click here and see all the testimonials from happy subscribers and get the free E-course:

Ezine Marketing:

Using an E-zine like mine is one of the fastest and easiest things you can do to promote your business. To learn how to create yours so it works for you and gets you ongoing results I suggest taking a look at Alexandria Brown's complete manual on marketing with your E-zine:

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