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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah

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Dear Friends,

Do you have all the media attention you want? Even if you do, have you found that didn't get the results you had hoped? Or you weren't portrayed in the way you intended? You're not alone. Even the most savvy and experienced media guests often feel that way. But it doesn't have to be so.

Welcome to a refreshing new way to promote yourself, your business, book, product, service or cause-without selling your soul. I can help you create a publicity plan tailored to you and your business, media train you and your team, give you the marketing knowledge you need to succeed in today's media, and get better marketing results. Which means getting all the clients or customers you need and attracting the right kind of publicity, PR, public relations, strategic partners, and business opportunities.

I've media trained everyone from CEOs to soccer moms, rock star wives to movie stars, including entrepreneurs, speakers, small business owners, non-profits, and authors just like you, to get national media coverage.

My clients are frequent guests on Oprah, CBS, 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Bloomberg Radio Network, Howard Stern, and are interviewed in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Time, Parade, People, O, Inc. and more. My clients are living proof that you can sell yourself while keeping your clothes on and your integrity intact.

I look forward to partnering with you in your marketing and publicity campaign to achieve the same success and happiness as my clients.


Susan Harrow

Publicity Campaign

Together we'll craft a publicity plan that gains you the media you most want while creating a PR campaign with integrity and spirit. An integral part of any public relations campaign is to have media coaching and media interview training, so you become the message you want to give. With our program you'll get media placements on top national TV shows, radio shows and print publications.

Marketing and Media Coaching Consultations with Susan

If you're a small business owner, thought leader, entrepreneur, woman entrepreneur, WAHM, consultant or sole proprietor who wants to strategize your publicity plan, hone your existing PR campaign, and land top tier media appearances, Susan will prepare you for that success. Whether the media interview training is for you, your CEO or spokesperson for on-camera press interviews, learning how to develop sound bites and media skills can help you double or triple your business. When you master message development you can market yourself and your business with authenticity. You'll also understand how to manage the media instead of allowing the media to manage you.

Marketing & Publicity Products

Create a blockbuster business or best-selling book. Get interviewed and appear on top TV and radio shows. Be a speaker who addresses audiences who will buy your products, service or support your cause. Buy a publicity primer that shows you how to sell yourself and gives proven ways to promote yourself (Get a free book chapter now). Get a six figure book advance, find a New York literary agent, take our media interview training course, make your book a best-seller, appear on Oprah, join PR Leads and more...

Free Publicity and Marketing Ideas

Download some valuable FREE publicity & marketing information from Susan Harrow that can help you grow your business with media attention.

Marketing Classes, Keynotes and Workshops

Book Susan, a professional Media Coach & Marketing Strategist, as your guest publicity speaker or attend one of her renowned marketing events. Attend our interactive public relations seminars and PR teleconferences for group media training. Write a book proposal that earns you a 6 figure advance, sell yourself without selling your soul, get booked on Oprah and more. Get a free teleclass on sound bites now to help you Get the Media Attention You Want ...

Free Publicity Tips and Marketing Articles

Position yourself for success with Susan's publicity tips and marketing articles. Want some quick free PR tips, techniques and insider's secrets? Sign up for our free ezine, 60 Second Secrets, download our free articles, or check out our free publicity tip a week..

Free Publicity Links

Use Susan's list of trusted publicity resources that have helped many who have appeared on top national radio and TV talk shows and publications from Fortune 500 companies to best-selling authors. Looking for a publicist? Want to be an infopreneur? Want the best publicity products and services?

Publicity Media Room

If you're looking for:

An expert who can comment on how women can succeed in business without turning into an alpha male, or how to:

  • Get publicity for women entrepreneurs, business owners or CEOs,
  • Define and control your public image
  • Negotiate any type of media interview
  • Handle difficult people
  • Manage a meeting or presentation
  • Promote yourself with integrity
  • Pass a job interview or producer audition
  • Improve your business communication content and style
  • Get press materials and marketing article ideas

Visit Susan's media room to help you with your public relations stories, articles and shows.

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